Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey Everybody!

This has sat dormant for a long, long time, mostly because I started it as a way to post patterns I hadn't really written out all the way, and then a lot of craziness happened (hello homelessness, how you doin'?) and I am now getting back into this because my sagacious girlfriend told me I should start a knitting blog and she is absolutely correct. So here I am, at the end of 2011 (and during NANO month, no less. Not that this will be a work of fiction....) starting a knitting blog. So hello.

May as well use this first post to talk about my current knitting, right? So, I'm miserably behind on taking photos of my work recently. I just got a new apartment, and I'm still living out of boxes and before that I was... well, I was homeless. Let's be real. It totally sucked and I'm glad to live in a real place instead of a shelter full of disgustingness and molesters. But more to the point, I'm terribly behind in taking photos. I've still got like... omg, 22 different projects to photograph. It doesn't help that I basically have to do the pictures in the morning either, because the afternoon light by my house is terrible. The whole backyard is in shadow, and that's the only place to get any decent light past 1pm, so that's right out. I should probably just do it all tomorrow and then post it same day. Here :D

Oh, I'm thinking of starting a yarn dyeing company. I really love dyeing yarn, and I really really need a job, so I figure combining them should be the most reasonable thing. There is a LYS near my house, and I'm bringing a sample book to them on Monday to see if they'll buy it. And you know what? What the hell, I'll put some of the photos here:

I forget what I called it, but something that makes me think if green...

My internet is running out or I'd upload more, but what do you think? Something people would buy? Maybe perhaps? I'm hoping so. I did all the base colors (ROYGBIV and a neutral) and I'm hoping to expand on that very soon! 

I'm also working on a Bubble Dress for a 6-12 mo old, and it's coming along quite well I think. I have a bit of yarn left over, so I think I'll make some matching legwarmers for it using this pattern. When I'm done I'll post pictures... Internet shut off. >.<