Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Knitting

Holiday knitting can really throw you for a loop. I don't have too many projects to finish for the holidays, but I also don't have a whole lot of free time, so it's all been spent knitting knitting knitting! It sounds a lot nicer than it is. I've actually been really stressed, and I feel pressured to finish stuff before it's really done just to save time and so I can move on to the next thing. But then I'd be really upset because it would come out terrible looking (I'm a perfectionist. Can you tell?)

Although, as I was walking along, knitting in public, I got kind of a mixed-bag compliment. Someone was really impressed with my knitting, saying "oh wow. It looks good, really good. Store-bought good!" I know how she meant it, and to be honest, that's the type of quality I'm aiming for. But I want to be better than mass-produced, cheaply made products. But I think that's just me...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Punkin hat!

I promised this, and I'm on a really productive roll, so here it is:

Punkin Hat

Nothing's cuter in the fall than a little punkin hat for your baby. This would be cute as a halloween costume for fussy babies who don't like dressing up, but it's also cute whenever. You'll need about 4 ounces of your main color yarn (I used orange for the main color, but conceiveably you could use a different color and it would look like a berry or a flower) and about 1 ounce of another, contrasting color. I chose green, but if you're going with the pumpkin theme brown or darker orange might also be cute. Experiment!

The gauge for this hat is 7 stitches per inch working stockinette in the round

To start, cast on 64 stitches in main color (MC) and join for working in the round, being careful not to twist.

Work 8x8 ribbing for about 4 inches. This makes up the majority of the hat. At this point, we start the crown decreases and change colors at the same time. It sounds harder than it is, trust me. :)

Round 1: k3 *k2tog with Contrasting Color (CC) K3 with MC, P3 with MC, k3 with MC* around.
Round 2: k2 *k3 with CC, k2 with MC, p2 with MC, k3 with CC, p2 with MC* around
Round 3: *k1 with MC, k5 with CC, k1 with MC, p1 with MC, k3 with CC, p1 with MC* around
Round 4: Knit with CC around
Round 5: *k2, double decerease* around.
Round 6: *K1, double decrease* around
Round 7: Double Decrease Around
Round 8: Knit around
Round 9: k2tog around

Knit icord for 1 inch.

BO, weave in all stitches, and enjoy :)

If you're interested in a PDF version with pictures, I have it up for sale at Just search for Punkin Hat. Thanks! :)

What's been going on in my life

Not much time left of 2012, is there? To date, I've made 165 projects, 36 of which I made this year, at least 7 of which I've designed myself. I've never really sat down and put the numbers to it, but that's actually really cool.
I'm really embarassed of my website right now. I haven't designed even a single webpage for years, so the entire site is kind of crap right now. I'm redesigning it so that I can put my ravelry patterns up on it for sale, for those people who dont have/want a ravelry account (though they should, Ravelry is the shit!) but it takes an awful lot of coding to get that kind of thing up and running. I still haven't finished the style sheets, I'm embarassed to say, but its coming together, agonizingly slow piece by piece. It doesn't help that I /still/ don't have home internet. It would take quite a bit more income for that to happen, so I only have between 2 and 3 hours at the library to get everything done for the day, in addition to the website. I'm still looking for a job, and I'm also looking into returning to college for at least a semester or two. It depends on the kind of job I end up getting, or if I end up doing this on a larger scale. We'll see on that front.
I also have been having trouble finding the time to knit! For starters, my mother's house was robbed earlier this month, and it's been terrible trying to deal with everything that entails, knowing that it's unlikely to ever amount to anything anyway (a word to the wise: robberies are rarely solved, so its far better to prevent it that to recover from it. Even a fake security system can help prevent you from becoming a victim. Hide your valuables well, and never all in the same place. Most importantly, make sure every door to the outside has at least a deadbolt lock, because it's the most difficult lock to break with brute force, other than a chain lock.) But I've also been helping a friend with an early thanksgiving party, which was super fun. There was drinking, and party games, and most importantly food. Though I wasn't really related to anyone there, it was like being at a family reuinion. <3 I love you guys! That is probably all the knitting distractions I have for this month (that was probably the only thanksgiving celebration I'll attend this year. I'll be making my own feast at home this year with my wife <3) but next month is looking somewhat iffy for knitting. I don't have a lot of knitted gifts to make, but I do have a knitting backlog, and a very important christmas gift to knit up as well. Juggling that, plus designing, plus christmas parties and get-togethers, plus having some semblance of a normal life (housekeeping anyone?) will be a little difficult until at least a week or so into the new year. Wish me fiber luck? Perhaps if we all have enough knitterly good will for the season, we can all get our gift knitting done ;)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bunny Hat Pattern

UPDATE JUNE 2017: I'm leaving this version up on the blog, seeing as how it's knit to a different gauge and creates a different size from the updated pattern, but this is NOT the same pattern as the one for sale in my store. In my opinion, this one is a lot worse, and creates a hat too small for most newborns. It might fit an older preemie, maybe, but I'm not guaranteeing it;  the proportions are not really right. However, this post is really popular (in particular with certain pattern distribution sites... ) so I'm just leaving it and you get what you pay for.

I promised this for a long time, and I'm finally able to post it: The Bunny Hat!

Here's what you'll need:
- Size 7 Double pointed needles, or circular needles for working magic loop
- A stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round
- A yarn/tapestry needle
- Scissors
- About 2 ounces of worsted weight wool
- Stitch holders for the ears
 Seven rows per inch, working stockenette in the round

Cast on 64 stitches and distribute for working in the round. Join the work, and be careful not to twist it.

Work four inches in stockenette, give or take 1/4 inch for the rolled brim.

Decrease pattern:
1. *K7, K2tog* around
2. *K6, K2tog* around
3. *K5, K2tog* around
4. *K4, K2tog* around
5. *K3, K2tog* around
6. *K2, K2tog* around
7. Knit 8, then place them on a holder. Knit 16 stitches, and place the last 8 on a holder. Knit 8 more stitches to finish the round.
8. *K1, K2tog* around
9. *k2tog* around
Cut yarn, draw through remaining stitches

Ears (Make 2)
1. take 8 stitches off the holder, and place on a double pointed needle. Work Icord for 1.5 inches
2. Decrease at the beginning of each row until only 2 stitches remain. Bind off and cut thread.

Tie the ears in a knot, weave in all ends, and enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Actual Knitting Content!

Ahh, I never have enough internet time, but I've had way too much time for knitting, because I'm still unemloyed.  Because of that I've decided to start my own business, but I'm keeping most of the details kind of quiet until I have all my paperwork, etc., in order.

So, let's talk about my knitting. I've... I've done a lot, but it never seems to be enough, sadly.  I did a huge photo shoot last Tuesday while the weather was nice, so I  have at least a million photos.  I also finished formatting the patterns I wanted to post, but I left them at home this morning, so bummer on that. I'll have to wait until Monday to post those.

Bin 1 of 3 of my backlog of washing/blocking

So, knitting! I did a whole bunch of washing/blocking on Tuesday, while the weather was better than it had been for a while. It's been really hot and humid for October recently, but it's been cloudy and rainy without warning so I've been reluctant to actually put in the effort to wash and shape and everything if it might rain suddenly and ruin all my plans.

Board 1 of 4, just as the clouds were rolling in

 I was able to keep the knits out for four or five hours before the clouds started rolling in and there was another storm right around 5 or 6 pm. I like the rain, but it's been really frustrating for me because I only have time on the weekend and occaisonally an odd weekday and either the weather isn't good or my OCD/drug using neighbor is out "fixing" his car again, and he always complains if I make the law "ugly" for a few hours. Sigh.

 In June I started a cute little pixie hat, though I made it a good deal longer than the pattern specified, because I thought it would be adorable, and it was. My model is my realistically sized newborn baby, though it is able to sit up on its own, which is convienant for photos, but not very accurate. I took three photos because it's just so darn cute, but I might be kind of biased here, because I love baby stuff.

I also designed a cute Bunny Hat, which I'll make a Ravelry page for as soon as I post it, probably on Monday. It's made all in one piece with no seaming, just ends to weave in. It's actually a really simple roll brim hat where you just put some stitches on either side of the middle on holders, finish the hat as usual, and then work I-cord, knot it, and weave in the edges. Super easy, and it can be done in a few hours, and then your baby (or friend's baby, or oddly able to sit up newborn doll) can look like a cute rabbit-baby too!

I also made a cute little green green twist hat in yarn I dyed myself. Actually, I dyed everything so far phtographed on this page. It's been a really fun journey, chosing dyes, and dye concentrations, and it's just been really fun and exciting to be one step closer to customizing every step of the production process. I love the creativity involved! It's a really fun outlet for me. The twist hat was fun, too, because the pattern is really easy to do and easy to memorize and fun to watch develop. I kind of want to make one for myself, but the weather rarely calls for a hat, so I feel like it would be kind of a waste.
I mean, I'm totally for wearing a hat whatever the weather (fuck you stratosphere, you don't own me!) but my friends and girlfriend kind of.... make fun of me for wearing a hat, and I just.... usually don't want to go through the hassle. But I do sometimes anyway (fuck you people I love, you only own me a little bit!) So I guess I'll end up making one anyway? We'll see where my mood takes me.

 I also made this super cute Lotus Hat which I love. It's a little long for the width, though I think that was my own tension rather than any actual problem with the pattern. I love this hat. It's made with the yarn I originally dyed for the Whale Hat but I underestimated the yarndage, so I combined that yarn with some leftovers from the twist hat to make this little cutie, and I think it turned out well. I think it really does look kind of like a flower, too, so I think that helps takes it beyond just cute and kind of into the "timeless" category.
I kind of want one for myself, stem and all, but I think it wouldn't look the same. I have kind of a weird head, and I don't think it would enhance the flowery-ness of the hat at all.  Bummer. But at least I can put this on my own baby and enjoy it that way, ne?

Oh, this is my other hat pattern I need to write up and post on Monday. It's a cute (I think) little punpkin hat with instructions for sizes newborn-1 year. I'm working on larger sizes but I need some test knitters and I don't exactly have any, so... Soon maybe, soon.  I'm also thinking that I might make another pumpkin hat, because I like flower/plant based clothes, but I'm not sure I can do what I'm imagining... I'll let you know what happens.

My computer session is nearly over, so this is all I'm going to post for now, but I'll have more on Monday, and also a couple of patterns!

New website!

I know this is supposed to be my knitting blog, and I'll have an update about that soon, but I have other exciting news for now: I'm starting a website Cherishables Knits! I'm starting a business locally (fingers crossed!) and I will use this site for inventory, support, and special ordering. So far, the website is pretty much total crap, just to get it up and running, but I'll be updating it multiple times over the next several weeks, so expect rapid changes and eventually setting on a theme. Thank you for all your support!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Pattern - Vase Cozy

This is my first time uploading a pattern, and actually it's my first time having a pattern written up at all. I'm sorry that it's not that good, but the editor I used wasn't that good, so I was a bit limited. That said, I'm sure my skills will improve, so moving on.  EDIT June 2017: New link to the new, improved pattern! (old PDF link to the pattern removed) and I'm trying to get it put up on ravelry, so I can start putting up more and better patterns.

In other news, I've been making steady progress on my shawl. I'm set to finish it up today. I had a minor setback when I reached the last leaf repeat: I had dropped a stitch waaaaaaay back in the  previous repeat and had to rip back to there. TT_TT The photos are from when I finished ripping back, before I put it all back on the needles. I also seem to have less yarn than I thought, but it's working out that it will be of a workable size, and since that's the important part, I'm not all that concerned. The pattern is Frozen Leaves by  Anusla  (Rav Link and Anusla's Blog). It's a really charming pattern and even though I had some difficulties and had to start over once, and rip back and redo parts multiple times, it's been difficult to ignore and I just couldn't rest until I had worked on it at least a little bit each day. I've been knitting in class and on the bus, but that's not exactly different from normal. u.uU Still, I'm really excited to get this blocked and start using it.

In other, slightly off topic, but nonetheless interesting news, my cat has taken to just generally hanging out in the shower. Of course, he won't when wet, but the fact that he has walked into it multiple times and it was wet does not seem to dampen his interest in hanging out there when it isn't. He has never showed interest in the shower before now, and there was even some negative experiences with the shower for him. (It's not my fault. Sometimes, you just have to wash the cat. Not that he could ever understand that... ) So now we have to be careful not to turn the shower on while he's using it (!) because then he would be quite offended. Xp

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick update

star pillow
A lot has been going on recently, but I've still got time for knitting! I've finally gotten around to finishing this star pillow I've got on the right, but I didn't keep enough spare thread with it, so I only got about half way with the seams, so I'll have to dig through my stash for the rest of the blue thread. The worst part is knowing that it's technically there, but not knowing exactly where. So, I will spend the week periodically looking for the rest, and when I finally find it, I can check another project off my UFO list.

I finally blocked my Maile Sweater (Rav link and blog link) and I think it came out really well. At first I wasn't sure it would still look as sweet in purple, but it definitely does, so that makes me quite happy.
I was also working on a new shawl, which I almost finished last night, but i dropped a stitch and had to rip back a repeat, so slow going there.
I'm also still working on the pdf for my latest pattern, so I'll be posting that shortly as well

I also finished this pinwheel blanket and blocked it at the same time as the sweater. I was trying something new with the edging, and I've got mixed feelings about how it turned out. On the one hand,  I really like the look of it, but at the same time, I'm not sure how that will work out when it's actually in use; it probably won't always look so neat and trim. But.... we'll see. I've also cast on a new shawl. Here's to hoping it turns out well!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bookmarks, a laundry bag, and blanket update

So I finished the blanket a couple inches before I wanted to, but as you can see, the stitches were so scrunched up on the needles, I was having a hard time keeping them on. This is the longest cord I have, so I had to admit defeat and just bind off. I think it came out nicely, and I'm really looking forward to blocking it.

I also spent a day working on some bookmarks. I just wanted something small and instant gratification right after finishing the blanket, so I made this little set of bookmarks. They're nothing fancy, and I haven't stiffened them yet, but they're cute, ask I went ahead and took a picture anyway.
Now I'm working on a laundry bag. I tried looking for a pattern first, but they were all too small (or my bras are too big?) So I'm improvising this one as will. This picture is just after I've finished the bottom and started on "wall" if you will, of the bag. I know most of these are done mesh, but it's so my bras won't catch on anything, so mesh wouldn't really help with that. Instead, I'm working in crocodile stitch, which I've never done before and am actually really enjoying. I'm writing the directions as I go along so I should have a pattern to post as soon as I finish.
That's all for now, as I have to go finish studying for class in a few hours. Cheers!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Twinkle twinkle

I've been working on a new baby blanket, and I'm really happy with it right now. At first, I had some misgivings, because I've been really antsy about starting anything new recently. Knowing I only have so much yarn makes me really really cautious of everything I start. So at first I was unhappy, mostly because it was using up yarn. But as this goes on, I get more and more satisfied. I dyed the yarn myself, and I'm actually making some preparations to sell some of my better colors, so that's been an interesting side project at least. ;) The blanket was made according to the Radiating Star Blanket pattern on Ravelry, and in addition to being really really super cute, it makes for great class knitting, because the math/counting is simple, and i can stop knitting at one point to write some notes, and then pick it up when I'm done and not lose a beat. Also, I really love stars both as a shape and as a motif, so this is a really great way to combine my love of stars with a really traditional, heirloom kind of design that still looks modern and cute for today. I also love that it's in orange, because I think pastels for babies are way, way overrated. I like making thing bright and happy, but also subdued to let the pattern show best, and this is a good compromise between the two with a bright pop of color that doesn't overshadow the lace.
In other news, I'm taking a phlebotomy course tues/thurs evenings, because the teaching track is just really... dead recently. Not a lot of places are looking, they don't offer benefits, and the pay is miserable, despite having multiple certifications in a variety of vital areas. I've always been interested in the healthcare industry, so while it may not be my dream job, I can at least use the increased pay and benefits to put myself through more teaching college, at the very least, or I can transition to the health field, depending on what the long-term growth is looking like. I really just want to be able to settle down, have some security in housing, employment, and personal healthcare, so moving into nursing of some type might let me do that. Plus, my wife and I have been really wanting to start our family, so we're both trying to move into more secure jobs. Right now she works for the county, so that's looking pretty good, but teaching... it's not what it used to be. I'm hoping that improves, but until such time as it does, if you need any blood tests done, I'll be able to get them done for you by the end of this school year. ;)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Recent projects

Large image of full bamboo blanketMy homelessness put a damper on my online activities, but I've been keeping busy all the same.
Bamboo blanket closeup of frog
Closeup of bamboo blanket kodamaI made the bamboo blanket by following this chart (ravelry link). I charted the frog myself, though I'm not especially happy with the outcome. The bamboo effect was done with a multiple of five pattern. I'd write up a pattern if anyone expresses an interest, it was actually super easy.

Back of the pink dress showing red and white start buttonsFront of the pink stripe bubble dressThe front of the blue, brown, and silver stripe bubble dressThe legwarmers that match the blue dressThe dresses were made by following this lovely pattern (also a ravelry link) with the odds and ends of some yarns I had dyed. I think it turned out well, and I find the sweetest buttons to use for the blue one.
I'm working on another blanket right now, should have more pictures up by tomorrow.

Back of the blue stripe dress showing the silver flower buttons I found to go with it

Pull back shot of gray wraplanCloseup of wraplan showing the tiny yellow star buttonsThe next thing I worked on was this Wraplan Cardigan (also a Ravelry link. If you don't have a ravelry account get one now!) which... I kind of rushed, so I'm not completely happy with the way it turned out. I'm planning on making another one soon to kind of get a "redo"