Monday, May 21, 2012

Free Pattern - Vase Cozy

This is my first time uploading a pattern, and actually it's my first time having a pattern written up at all. I'm sorry that it's not that good, but the editor I used wasn't that good, so I was a bit limited. That said, I'm sure my skills will improve, so moving on.  EDIT June 2017: New link to the new, improved pattern! (old PDF link to the pattern removed) and I'm trying to get it put up on ravelry, so I can start putting up more and better patterns.

In other news, I've been making steady progress on my shawl. I'm set to finish it up today. I had a minor setback when I reached the last leaf repeat: I had dropped a stitch waaaaaaay back in the  previous repeat and had to rip back to there. TT_TT The photos are from when I finished ripping back, before I put it all back on the needles. I also seem to have less yarn than I thought, but it's working out that it will be of a workable size, and since that's the important part, I'm not all that concerned. The pattern is Frozen Leaves by  Anusla  (Rav Link and Anusla's Blog). It's a really charming pattern and even though I had some difficulties and had to start over once, and rip back and redo parts multiple times, it's been difficult to ignore and I just couldn't rest until I had worked on it at least a little bit each day. I've been knitting in class and on the bus, but that's not exactly different from normal. u.uU Still, I'm really excited to get this blocked and start using it.

In other, slightly off topic, but nonetheless interesting news, my cat has taken to just generally hanging out in the shower. Of course, he won't when wet, but the fact that he has walked into it multiple times and it was wet does not seem to dampen his interest in hanging out there when it isn't. He has never showed interest in the shower before now, and there was even some negative experiences with the shower for him. (It's not my fault. Sometimes, you just have to wash the cat. Not that he could ever understand that... ) So now we have to be careful not to turn the shower on while he's using it (!) because then he would be quite offended. Xp

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick update

star pillow
A lot has been going on recently, but I've still got time for knitting! I've finally gotten around to finishing this star pillow I've got on the right, but I didn't keep enough spare thread with it, so I only got about half way with the seams, so I'll have to dig through my stash for the rest of the blue thread. The worst part is knowing that it's technically there, but not knowing exactly where. So, I will spend the week periodically looking for the rest, and when I finally find it, I can check another project off my UFO list.

I finally blocked my Maile Sweater (Rav link and blog link) and I think it came out really well. At first I wasn't sure it would still look as sweet in purple, but it definitely does, so that makes me quite happy.
I was also working on a new shawl, which I almost finished last night, but i dropped a stitch and had to rip back a repeat, so slow going there.
I'm also still working on the pdf for my latest pattern, so I'll be posting that shortly as well

I also finished this pinwheel blanket and blocked it at the same time as the sweater. I was trying something new with the edging, and I've got mixed feelings about how it turned out. On the one hand,  I really like the look of it, but at the same time, I'm not sure how that will work out when it's actually in use; it probably won't always look so neat and trim. But.... we'll see. I've also cast on a new shawl. Here's to hoping it turns out well!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bookmarks, a laundry bag, and blanket update

So I finished the blanket a couple inches before I wanted to, but as you can see, the stitches were so scrunched up on the needles, I was having a hard time keeping them on. This is the longest cord I have, so I had to admit defeat and just bind off. I think it came out nicely, and I'm really looking forward to blocking it.

I also spent a day working on some bookmarks. I just wanted something small and instant gratification right after finishing the blanket, so I made this little set of bookmarks. They're nothing fancy, and I haven't stiffened them yet, but they're cute, ask I went ahead and took a picture anyway.
Now I'm working on a laundry bag. I tried looking for a pattern first, but they were all too small (or my bras are too big?) So I'm improvising this one as will. This picture is just after I've finished the bottom and started on "wall" if you will, of the bag. I know most of these are done mesh, but it's so my bras won't catch on anything, so mesh wouldn't really help with that. Instead, I'm working in crocodile stitch, which I've never done before and am actually really enjoying. I'm writing the directions as I go along so I should have a pattern to post as soon as I finish.
That's all for now, as I have to go finish studying for class in a few hours. Cheers!