Friday, October 19, 2012

Actual Knitting Content!

Ahh, I never have enough internet time, but I've had way too much time for knitting, because I'm still unemloyed.  Because of that I've decided to start my own business, but I'm keeping most of the details kind of quiet until I have all my paperwork, etc., in order.

So, let's talk about my knitting. I've... I've done a lot, but it never seems to be enough, sadly.  I did a huge photo shoot last Tuesday while the weather was nice, so I  have at least a million photos.  I also finished formatting the patterns I wanted to post, but I left them at home this morning, so bummer on that. I'll have to wait until Monday to post those.

Bin 1 of 3 of my backlog of washing/blocking

So, knitting! I did a whole bunch of washing/blocking on Tuesday, while the weather was better than it had been for a while. It's been really hot and humid for October recently, but it's been cloudy and rainy without warning so I've been reluctant to actually put in the effort to wash and shape and everything if it might rain suddenly and ruin all my plans.

Board 1 of 4, just as the clouds were rolling in

 I was able to keep the knits out for four or five hours before the clouds started rolling in and there was another storm right around 5 or 6 pm. I like the rain, but it's been really frustrating for me because I only have time on the weekend and occaisonally an odd weekday and either the weather isn't good or my OCD/drug using neighbor is out "fixing" his car again, and he always complains if I make the law "ugly" for a few hours. Sigh.

 In June I started a cute little pixie hat, though I made it a good deal longer than the pattern specified, because I thought it would be adorable, and it was. My model is my realistically sized newborn baby, though it is able to sit up on its own, which is convienant for photos, but not very accurate. I took three photos because it's just so darn cute, but I might be kind of biased here, because I love baby stuff.

I also designed a cute Bunny Hat, which I'll make a Ravelry page for as soon as I post it, probably on Monday. It's made all in one piece with no seaming, just ends to weave in. It's actually a really simple roll brim hat where you just put some stitches on either side of the middle on holders, finish the hat as usual, and then work I-cord, knot it, and weave in the edges. Super easy, and it can be done in a few hours, and then your baby (or friend's baby, or oddly able to sit up newborn doll) can look like a cute rabbit-baby too!

I also made a cute little green green twist hat in yarn I dyed myself. Actually, I dyed everything so far phtographed on this page. It's been a really fun journey, chosing dyes, and dye concentrations, and it's just been really fun and exciting to be one step closer to customizing every step of the production process. I love the creativity involved! It's a really fun outlet for me. The twist hat was fun, too, because the pattern is really easy to do and easy to memorize and fun to watch develop. I kind of want to make one for myself, but the weather rarely calls for a hat, so I feel like it would be kind of a waste.
I mean, I'm totally for wearing a hat whatever the weather (fuck you stratosphere, you don't own me!) but my friends and girlfriend kind of.... make fun of me for wearing a hat, and I just.... usually don't want to go through the hassle. But I do sometimes anyway (fuck you people I love, you only own me a little bit!) So I guess I'll end up making one anyway? We'll see where my mood takes me.

 I also made this super cute Lotus Hat which I love. It's a little long for the width, though I think that was my own tension rather than any actual problem with the pattern. I love this hat. It's made with the yarn I originally dyed for the Whale Hat but I underestimated the yarndage, so I combined that yarn with some leftovers from the twist hat to make this little cutie, and I think it turned out well. I think it really does look kind of like a flower, too, so I think that helps takes it beyond just cute and kind of into the "timeless" category.
I kind of want one for myself, stem and all, but I think it wouldn't look the same. I have kind of a weird head, and I don't think it would enhance the flowery-ness of the hat at all.  Bummer. But at least I can put this on my own baby and enjoy it that way, ne?

Oh, this is my other hat pattern I need to write up and post on Monday. It's a cute (I think) little punpkin hat with instructions for sizes newborn-1 year. I'm working on larger sizes but I need some test knitters and I don't exactly have any, so... Soon maybe, soon.  I'm also thinking that I might make another pumpkin hat, because I like flower/plant based clothes, but I'm not sure I can do what I'm imagining... I'll let you know what happens.

My computer session is nearly over, so this is all I'm going to post for now, but I'll have more on Monday, and also a couple of patterns!

New website!

I know this is supposed to be my knitting blog, and I'll have an update about that soon, but I have other exciting news for now: I'm starting a website Cherishables Knits! I'm starting a business locally (fingers crossed!) and I will use this site for inventory, support, and special ordering. So far, the website is pretty much total crap, just to get it up and running, but I'll be updating it multiple times over the next several weeks, so expect rapid changes and eventually setting on a theme. Thank you for all your support!