Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midnight Top

This top is made in 2 pieces, but can be made in 1 if you don't mind the lace facing differently. There is some minimal seaming, but its just side seams, and some grafting if you want the lace facing the same way. This top offers a lot in the way of customization, so instead of line-by-line instruction, this is more of a guide to help you make a top that fits you.

You'll Need:
- 5 balls of Red Heart Boutique Midnight, or 918 yards (420g) of bulky yarn of your choice.

- Size US 101/2 needles (circulars help, but aren't required), or size for gauge
- Place markers, if desired
- Tapestry or yarn needle

4 stitches and 6 rows to the inch in stocking stitch worked flat

To start
 Measure your hip circumference (take a tape measure and go all the way around the widest part of your body, over the butt, and usually including the legs). Be honest with yourself here, and err on the side of bigger rather than smaller, if you're not sure, because this number will be a major part what determines the ease of this shirt. It looks best a little bit loose, so unless you really really want to have negative ease, be generous with yourself and this number. Write it down on line A. Then, measure yourself from under the breast (where your bra usually ends down to where you want the hem to be. It can help to have a friend measure you for this part, because its a bit difficult to do to yourself. This goes on line E. Measure from just under your breasts to where you want the neckline to lie. This goes on line G. Finally, measure from the end of the neckline to where you want the back to start. This goes on line H. Now, fill in all the blanks and Follow the directions. Enjoy your shirt. :)

My hips are __________ inches + 3 inches of ease = ___________
                              A                                                                  B 

The hem length is ___________ divided by 2 = __________
                                       B                                             C

Cast on _____________ stitches to equal _________ in length
                         D                                                C

Make sure _______________ is divisible by 11. If not, add or subtract stitches (whichever is
 fewest) in order to make sure the pattern fits.

Work the lace in the chart for ___________inches before working the  armhole decreases


Using stocking stitch, decrease 3 at the beginning of each round. Do this until _________ inches

Work these stitches plain until stocking stitch piece measures _____________ inches


Either separately, or using 2 balls of yarn to work continuously, work the first and last 7 stitches in seed stitch for ________ inches

Reverse the directions for the back, and you're done!

If you'd like the lace to match up exactly the same, stop after working the back stockinette portion, but keep the stitches on a holder, or spare set of needles. Then, cast on and work for the back portion for the correct amount of inches. Then, graft the two portions together. Another  variation is to cast on an additional 6 stitches, work 6 rows of garter stitches (3 garter ridges) and have the first and last 3 stitches be a garter stitch border. If you prefer a more pronounced "break" between the stocking stitch portion and the lace portion, work one row reverse stocking stitch between the 2. These variations are pictured below.

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  1. Looks a bit complicated for my simple knitting abilities, but lovely top.